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Welcome to ACCG TV’s “The County Reporter,” our bite-sized news segment to catch you up and inform you on all things ACCG. Thanks for...

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Interview with FCYC

Fulton County Youth Commission (FCYC) Program Director Reginald Crossley sits with ACCG Executive Director Ross King and speaks on the importance of the...

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Interview with Delta

Jai Rogers, a new addition of the ACCG Civic Affrais Foundation Board, is the Business & Community Vice President of Delta Community. In her...

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Interview with President of

President of the ACCG Civic Affairs Foundation, Sam Hart, Sr. discusses his outlook on continuing education and commissioner leadership.


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Learn About Counties in

Do you know the many things your county does for you? Learn about the "You Are Why We're Here" campaign that's making it easier for taxpayers and...

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Interview with ACCG 3rd VP

ACCG Executive Director Ross King interviews ACCG's 3rd Vice President Johnny Davis, who is the commissioner of Jefferson County. They discuss Jefferson...

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Interview with Board

ACCG Executive Director Ross King interviews new members of the ACCG Board of Managers Marty Smith of Carroll County and Clinton Johnson of Dougherty...

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Interview with ACCG

ACCG Executive Director Ross King sits on a couch with Fulton County Commissioner Joan Garner as they discuss her history as an elected official.


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